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There was a vision. One shop. One stop. Everything you need in one place. A smoker's paradise. A hangout where prices are fair, people are friendly, and there's new product all the time. That was the vision Alex, Brad, and Candace had. That vision became a reality. Don't puff, puff, pass and miss on your chance to save with this month's special deal that can be found inside The Add Sheet or Marketplace Magazine!

Columbia’s Newest Alternative Smoke Shop & E-Juice Mixology Laboratory

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About the Owners

Brad Daugherty, Co-Owner

After spending a handful of years around the other shops in town, Brad Daugherty decided to take his e-juice mixology skills and with the support of Alex & Candace, launched his own e-liquid laboratory. Brad is known by his friends and customers for making 100% customized vaping liquid for almost any rig, pod, or smoking accessory. Brad keeps a collection of flavors on the shelf readily available to create the exact style, type, flavor, or mix that you want. Brad believes that the key to providing a top-level e-juice concoction is keeping a clean lab and even cleaner hands. When Brad isn't helping a customer, you'll find him washing his hands to ensure a clean experience for all.

Alex Singleton, Co-Owner

Alex is a glass, silicone, and accessory specialist that is part-owner of Lucid Vizions. His passion is to make sure that you find the pipe, paper, or product your looking for when it comes to smoking. Staying on top of trends is a must for Alex. You'll find him stocking the shelves with the newest and coolest water pipes, chillums, and smoking products or accessories. Alex is here for you. If you have a special request, just ask. He's happy to search around and find the piece you're looking for and provide it to you at a great price. When it comes to smoking, Alex understand that the more you spend on accessories the less you have to spend enjoying what you bought- that's why he's focused on providing you with the best price on any pipe in town.

Candace Day, Advisor

As a CBD specialist, Candace knows the benefits you can expect to experience from incorporating CBD into your daily routine. That's why she's excited to meet with, talk to, and educate you on all the CBD solutions that Lucid Vizions has to offer. From CBD bath bombs, to chapstick, and even tinctures that can be incorporated into your e-liquid concoction, Candace has you covered. If you're unfamiliar with CBD come get a crash course. When it comes to helping customers with anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, and other ailments- Candace is happy to hear tons of testimonials about how the CBD at Lucid Vizions has helped others keep living their lives to the fullest.

E-Juice Mixology Laboratory

With years of experience in e-juice production, the ability to tweak flavors, nicotine levels, and incorporate CBD infusions to your liking- Brad has you covered. If you can't find what you're looking for or want to name off a crazy concoction, he'll get you taken care of. No flavor is too far out. 

E-juice and E-liquid are a growing choice in alternative smoking. Groups of individuals are giving up traditional tobacco cigarettes and picking up the latest and greatest trend in alternative smoking. The liquids that are crafted inside the laboratory at Lucid Vizions are pharmaceutical-grade, food-grade, and kosher. If you're looking to have a juice with salt nicotine or free base nicotine, they can create it. There are hundreds of options to customize with the fruit, candy, food, and drink flavors stocked on-the-shelf. If you don't want or need anything special, there are tons of available grab-n-go options.
Flavors & Fruits - banana, black cherry, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, cucumber, grape, green apple, juicy orange, juicy peach, lemon, mango, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon

Candy Flavoring - Butterscotch Cup, Chocolate, Diamond Gummy, Scooby Treats, blue raspberry cotton candy, blue cherry cotton candy, cotton candy

Drinks - angry energy, cherry, lemonade, coffee, grape limeade, strawberry lemonade

Breakfast Flavors - apple jokes, cherry-yo’s, coco rice kitties, frosty flakes, fruit circles, fruity rocks, Rice Kitties

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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. 

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